Magnesol Filter Powder – 40#


40 lb. bulk box of Magnesol “Frying Oil Saver” filter powder.

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This a 22 lb. bulk box of Magnesol filter powder.

As you cook golden fried foods, there are several chemical processes happening to achieve that addictive taste. Unfortunately, these processes leave free fatty acids, oxidized fatty acids, off-odors, off-flavors, and viscous polymers dissolved in your fryer oil.

Magnesol XL filter powder captures these free fatty acids and other solubles that distort the flavor and color of your food but are too small to be caught by the filter. Fatty acids are also responsible for causing the breakdown and spoiling of your fryer oil, so filter powder also ultimately reduces your costs by extending the life of your oil. The powder also slows down the darkening of your oil that occurs naturally as you fry, helping you to maintain the same shade of golden brown for as long as possible.


Video Instructions

Not sure how to use Magnesol? This video (made by the manufacturer of Magnesol) will guide you through the entire process step by step.

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Weight 43 lbs

40# Bulk Box


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