Simple. Healthy. Delicious

Suitable for Everyone

Meeting the needs of each and every customer with delicious food just got easier. With food allergies on the rise, the Pourtilla is your simple solution to providing allergy-friendly food. This delicious new flatbread recipe is gluten, corn, dairy, egg, rice, nut and soy-free!

Perfectly Delicious

Perfected over the course of 7 years, this recipe offers an appetizing tortilla or crepe substitute that is flexible and crack-free every time. Just like a tortilla should be, these wraps are soft on the inside with a slight crunch at the edge.

Quality Ingredients

Made from a bean-based flour blend, Pourtillas are the healthy low-carb complement to your marinated meats, salads, and more. Our ingredients are always GMO and preservative free. Our Pourtillas are high quality yet easy to prepare.

Just Add Water,

Blend, and Pour.

Simple to prepare.

The best way to prepare Pourtillas is in a food processor or blender to ensure there are no dry clumps. The formula is very precise, so adding the exact liquid listed on the package is important to ensure an end result with the right texture and flavor. Just like you would cook a crepe, pour the liquid batter into a prepared pan, and swirl around to create a circle. Wait just until the edges are brown, then flip to brown the second side. In about a minute or less each Pourtilla is cooked and ready to serve! Cooling on a cooling rack is optional, based on your recipe.

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