Our Company Values

We give you the personalized attention you need from a supplier.

FourStates Food & Supply is a no-nonsense, salt of the earth, family-owned small business. We care about the experience you have with us and want to leave a lasting impression. Customer service is at the top of our priority list. We aim to keep interactions not only professional but refreshingly genuine and enjoyable.

Our Story

We're a business founded on great relationships.

We were founded in the heart of East Texas in 1981 by Monty Hill. Monty was blessed with a big personality and a knack for recognizing a need when he saw it. He had a wealth of experience in the food service industry. He spent two decades using his extensive networking skills and steely determination to grow multi-million dollar markets for Blendex breadings and Magnesol XL filter powder in the four state area: Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Monty turned over his interests in FourStates to his friends and longtime business partners, Tommy and Diane Allbright after his departure in the early 2000s. They continued to operate the company until April of 2015, when Monty’s daughter and son-in-law, Kellie and Jimmy Cavel, acquired the business and returned it to family ownership. Today, FourStates serves restaurants across the nation, not just the south.

Meet Our Team

Today, Kellie and Jimmy continue to grow the company.

Jimmy Cavel

President/CEO of Pie in the Sky

With an unparalleled understanding of equipment from almost 30 years of experience in restaurant equipment service, he brings a wealth of knowledge about the restaurant industry, an extensive network, a solid reputation, and a vision for what FourStates can be.

Kellie Cavel

Office Manager/V.P. of Fretting

As a former healthcare and HR professional with years of experience in administration. Making the transition to FourStates was an easy decision so she could work closely with family in a company her father built. Kellie contributes indispensable organizational and customer service skills that help to keep FourStates on track from day to day.

When Monty started our company, he had a vision for providing quality products to help restaurant and convenience store owners succeed. He'd worked in the food industry for many years and understood the challenges faced by small restaurants. He saw a need for reliable ingredients and supplies and caring customer service, and we honor his vision even today.

Jimmy Cavel
Four States Wholesale


The success of our company is measured by the success in yours. Our values direct us to have a servant's heart in all our dealings: to identify how we can put your needs first is a core part of our business strategy.


We hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards of quality and value. As a small start-up that grew into the multi-state company, we believe that this high-standards approach is best for our business and yours.


We understand the importance of quality products to your bottom line. Our focus on long-term value has earned the loyalty of our customers: nationwide chains, distributors, and small businesses like ours.