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Have you noticed your fryer oil getting dark or thick? Does it foam or smoke? Don’t fry your delicious breaded food in dirty oil. Your foods are only as tasty the oil they fry in. That’s why we also provide a multitude of cooking oil filter solutions. Our filters and cleaners pull out soluble by-products and physical debris that cause oil discoloration and ruin taste.

Which filtration solutions are a fit for your needs? We proudly stand behind Masterfil® synthetic filters: a perfect fit for nearly any fryer. They are not only the highest quality filter on the market but also the most economical. For regular thorough maintenance of your fryer oil, we suggest the Permafil 85# filter machine equipped with a Masterfil® filter. For all the soluble by-products that spoil your oil, Magnesol XL filter powder can extend the life of your oil. To keep your fryers sparkling and efficient, clear off the build-up with Magnesol MagiClean non-caustic Boil Out.

In the fried food business, shortening/fry oil costs add up quickly, eating away profits in the blink of an eye, which is why it’s so important to have a good system in place to keep shortening at it’s best for as long as possible.


Filter out debris

The filter's job is to capture leftover particles in the oil that would otherwise burn and accelerate the degradation of the oil. These particles affect both the flavor and the color of anything cooked in the oil. Paper filters do a good job here, but this is where Masterfil® filters really shine. They can remove particles 20-50 times smaller than standard paper filters.

Sift out soluables

Using a magnesium-based filter powder creates a cake on top of the filter. This cake helps to remove even more particles than just a paper filter, while at the same time capturing free fatty acids and other soluable contaminates that leave bad odors and flavors behind in your oil. The powder also restores the light golden color of the original oil.

Cut through fryer buildup

Degreasers such as BoilOut help to remove build-up on the fryer that can contaminate your freshly polished oil.

Filtration that lasts

The Permafil 85# Filter Machine is a mobile workhorse that will provide a lasting solution for all of your shortening filtration needs.
Magnesol® XL Filter Powder

As you cook golden fried foods, there are several chemical processes happening to achieve that addictive taste. Unfortunately, these processes leave free fatty acids, oxidized fatty acids, off-odors, off-flavors, and viscous polymers dissolved in your fryer oil.

Magnesol XL filter powder captures these free fatty acids and other solubles that distort the flavor and color of your food but are too small to be caught by the filter. Fatty acids are also responsible for causing the breakdown and spoiling of your fryer oil, so filter powder also ultimately reduces your costs by extending the life of your oil.

Magnesol MagiClean Boil Out: A non-caustic, non-foaming degreaser that cuts through carbon and grease deposits with just one treatment. One simple treatment of MagiClean can restore your fryers to sparkling clean. Keeping the walls free of carbon and grease deposits can increase your fryer’s efficiency, preserve the quality of your oil, and cut costs. MagiClean BoilOut is easy to use and time efficient, saving your employees from hours of scrubbing at the inside of the fryer. Restoring a sparkling clean shine to the inside of your fryer has never been easier!

The Permafil 85# Filter Machine: This portable filter machine is a rugged, versatile, efficient way to clean the oil in every one of your fryers. Its low-profile design makes it easy to roll under the drain valve of most common fryers, so draining your hot oil is both safe and easy, and the specially designed splash guard opening helps to protect your staff from unnecessary oil accidents. One of our favorite features on this machine is its motor/pump assembly, which we have found to be one of the most durable on the market. As the centerpiece of your shortening preservation efforts, this piece of equipment is worth every cent that you’ll spend and then some, plus it comes with a 1-year limited warranty so you can set your mind at ease.

Filters help to catch all the floating debris and leftover food particles in your oil. With the ability to capture particles 20-50 smaller than standard paper filters, Masterfil® synthetic filters are the best performing filter we have ever encountered. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Major chains like KFC, Pizza Hut, Golden Chick, Pappadeaux’s, and Joe’s Crab Shack agree. At FourStates we carry a variety of stock sizes, but if you don’t see exactly what you need, we also offer custom sizing to ensure you get a perfect fit.

Not sure that a synthetic filter is right for you? No problem! We also carry a wide assortment of paper filter sheets, envelopes, and cones to meet whatever filtration need you might have.

The best part of choosing a fabric filter is it can help reduce your overhead costs. Choosing to filter your oil can drastically extend the life of each batch of oil. Choosing to filter with a reusable Masterfil® filter can cut costs even further as you only need to change the filter when you change the oil in your fryer.

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