You’re sold on filtering your oil. Who wouldn’t be, with the cost savings and improved taste? With a good process for filtering the oil on a daily basis, you can get up to 7-10 days out of your oil in a busy restaurant.

But now, you have to actually move the hot oil through the process and you’re second-guessing yourself. Don’t worry, the process is much simpler than you might expect when you consider the volume and temperature of the oil. Here’s a step-by-step guide to filtering your oil. Steps 3-5 need only be done if you are changing out the oil completely.

Using a Permafil Filter Machine? Download the guide here: Permafil Operations Manual.

Before you start, gather your tools.


  • Safety equipment like a face shield, heat apron, and gloves
  • MagiClean Boil Out degreaser
  • Nylon brush and towel
  • Fabric filters
  • Magnesol XL filter powder
  • Pump machine (or ensure your fryer has one built in)

Once you’ve gathered your tools, follow the process below:

  1. Turn off your Fryer
    Before you begin cleaning everything, make sure that you have turned your fryer off.
  2. Empty
    Drain the oil from your fryer, preferably into a filter machine or an extra reservoir built into your machine. If you’re changing the oil, complete steps 3-5 and dispose of your old oil. Otherwise, skip to step 6.
  3. Scrub
    Fill the fryer with water to about an inch below the fill line. Place a container under the drain to catch dirty water. Put the appropriate amount of MagiClean Boil Out (as listed on the side of the bottle) into your fryer and stir gently with the brush.  (Only done when changing oil)
  4. Simmer
    Set the temperature to 200 and allow it to soft boil for 30 minutes. Give the fryer walls a gentle scrub. Drain the water and replace with clean water for a rinse. Scrub gently again and drain. (Only done when changing oil)
  5. Dry
    Using a clean towel, wipe down all the interior surfaces. Try to get all the water out, as water will break down your oil faster. (Only done when changing oil)
  6. Pour
    Insert a new filter and pour filter media, such as Magnesol XL, on top of the filter.
  7. Drain
    Fill the fryer with dirty oil, allowing the filter and powder to sift out harmful by-products.
  8. Recirculate
    Recirculate the oil for 5-7 minutes. Gently move the input nozzle to reach all the sides, helping particles in the oil reach the filter.
  9. Pump
    Pump clean, fresh oil back into your fryer vat. You’re done!

Enjoy the benefits in both taste and cost savings for your food, now that your fryer and oil are fully cleaned.

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