Equipping the Best for Fried Food Success

Light. Crispy. Golden. Delicious.

Every basket. Every time.

Simply delicious fried food isn’t so simple for the person in the kitchen. That’s why we provide the products and expertise you need to wow your customers with a consistent and appetizing fried food experience.

Quality In – Value Out

Our quality products help you get the most out of your fryer and oils.

Restaurant Fryer.
Tested for Delicious

Our breading recipies are proven customer favorites, just as delicous each time.

Fantastic Filters

Improve the lifespan of your frying oil by up to 3xs with our high-quality filters, filter machines, and filter aid powders.

Protect Your Investment

Take the elbow grease out of maintaining your fryer with a bottle of Magiclean Fryer Boil-Out. Sparkling clean fryers have never been easier.

Why Choose Us

Our Core Philosophy

First and foremost, we are followers of Jesus Christ seeking to bring glory to His name. Our professional endeavors here at FourStates are a big part of that. Our goal is to demonstrate that a company can have integrity and responsibility, as well as success and profits.  We also want to use those things to make a difference in our community and in our world.

We serve. So you can.

Our Customers

In food service, reliable, ethical quality is essential and we have consistently provided our customers with just that. National distributors and small independent establishments alike trust us with their business.

Introducing The Pourtilla

Innovative. Gluten, Corn, Dairy, Egg, Nut, Rice and Soy Free. Delicious.

How to Make a Pourtilla 8:46

We’ve perfected our recipe over 7 years. This gluten-free flour tortilla satisfies in both cost and flavor.

Our Story

When Judi was diagnosed with celiac disease, she worked tirelessly to find quality recipes. When she created “the Pourtilla”, she struck gold. This revolutionary product is the only gluten free liquid pour tortilla/crepe, also free of corn, dairy, eggs, nuts, rice, and soy. Pourtillas contain no GMOs or preservatives.

Our Specialties

Breadings, Marinades

And Dry Mixes

From zesty chicken marinade to seasoned catfish breading; our proven recipes take your flavor to the next level.

Filters and

Filter Powders

Proper filtration can save you thousands of dollars per fryer per year by extending the life of your oil.

Quality Fryer


Proper cleaning keeps your fryer running well and your food tasting crisp and delicious.

The All New

Pourtilla Wrap

Introducing the newest product for the modern restaurant. Delicious, healthy, and allergen free.

Extra Spicy Chicken Breading

Our extra spicy chicken breading is the delicious ingredient missing from your chicken. Engineered to deliver predictable and delicious results, this mix will keep your customers coming back for more.

From $58.00/box